What Horror Movies has Impact on our Psyche?

May 4 '16
Here we examine an interesting question, the impact on the psyche of a horror movie? Let`s try to understand, their negative and positive impact on us. This article was prepared in collaboration with the websites join4movies and letsmewatchthis.

Naturally, horror, impact on the human psyche. But what impact? Horror movies, and other genres, using fear, designed to scare us. Calling hidden deep in the subconscious fears, they focus on effectively forbidden desires, fear, anxiety, a dark side of the human personality, war, famine. Horror movies, refer to the primitive nature and primitive man fears: vulnerability, fear of the other person, company, the loss of identity, fear of death, the opposite sex. The most primitive side, which both attract and repel us. Interestingly, often teenagers take practices of such films. For example, in China, they were banned Diaries death, Bell, and Wake 2, since the increased amount of violence and adolescents copy the behavior of the characters from the movie. In Russia, it was a case where a group of teenagers, lured the girl in the forest and then killed and drank the blood, watching vampire movies. But, I must say that in addition to horror films, there are also other reasons for such behavior of children. The problems in socialization, lack of attention from parents and teachers. After all, movies and books can not replace education. Neither bad nor good. Some commit crimes and having read books and take methods there. Well, what can you do, if people has lack of imagination?

Of course, the most important thinning in watching horror movies, fear. Fear is a negative emotion and the effect of fear on the human body, studied quite well. Intense fear and constant (but it is strong), runs a program of self-destruction of the body). Psychologists also noticed that fans of horror movies are more aggressive. Aggressiveness, property of the person consisting in readiness to use violent methods to achieve the goals and a willingness to do so. But aggression horror fans, oddly primary. When watching horror movies, people are experiencing, along with the heroes of films, the emotions of fear , terror, anxiety and are able to overcome them, to cope with the fear that the situation movie creates a more or less comfortable conditions for spectators. Events shown on the screen may not cause actual harm and the viewer is in complete safety.

One more interesting fact, the number of fans of horror movies is increasing every year. But in recent years, views of horror films rose by 65%. This trend is due to the fact that the culture to become more humane and people do not have enough adrenaline. Often, even in the literature can be seen as a more recently, the threat and the belt are the main methods of education. And also in politics, threats and violence. Today, it is also used, but it must be said, less and less. Although war and belt and today meet in life. Physical punishment, it is a symbol of weakness, before the child, and positive motivation, persists much longer, and acts much stronger.

Furthermore, before conditions for existence it was much worse, and people are constantly faced with the danger of predators, fatal and non-fatal diseases. Today, it is practically not. The development of medicine has progressed and we live in houses with central heating and predators which can meet most of a dog or cat. Lack of adrenaline, which is released when the fear, we draw from mountaineering trips, horror movies. People do not have enough natural adrenaline. And they are starting to get it artificially. Small doses of adrenaline, useful for people. Fear is not harmful if it is not continuous, and is not expressed too much. If you want to read about the effects of horror on a child than check it The Impact on Children by Horror Films. No doubt, comedy films are always best for some enjoyment. Read more about comedy Watching a Comedy. Movies has both advantages and disadvantages. You can also check How much watching online Films are Beneficial?.

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